Supplementing a property claim for a covered loss (such as fire, water, weather, vandalism, mold, asbestos etc.) is the process of submitting documentation to the insurance company that includes an updated estimate, photo documentation, and when applicable state code documents and manufacturer warranty documents. The updated estimate would include line items of repairs needed to bring the property back to pre-loss conditions after a covered loss that were not on the insurance company’s initial estimate.

Insurance adjusters are usually great at their jobs but not always great at knowing construction. Our team of highly trained professionals consist of people with backgrounds in insurance adjusting, mitigation, restoration, roofing and general contracting. We rely on the vast experience of our team to know exactly what types of repairs need to be made for each type of loss. We can easily recognize what line items are left off of carrier estimates and have the knowledge and documentation to support our request for extended coverage. 99% of insurance claims are leaving off valuable line items that can add a lot of profit to your bottom line.

Stellar Supplementing can help you and your company in many ways. We bridge the gap between your three most valuable assets- Money, Time and Effort.
1) MORE PROFITS: Supplements are an easy and integral way to increase your bottom line on each claim. Imagine an increase of 20-50% on each of your claims! That would be huge to your business and lifechanging to your sales team.

2) EXTRA TIME: Do you find yourself needing more days in the week? How many hours are you spending making estimate and arguing with insurance companies. Imagine getting your precious time back to do things that will help your business grow and develop!

3) REDIRECT YOUR EFFORTS: Put your efforts where they are most valuable to your business whether that is recruiting, training, selling or focusing on growth. Let us handle the headaches of dealing with the insurance companies!

  • We are licensed Public Adjusters
  • We work fast (2-3 weeks avg. turn around time)
  • We provide weekly updates on your claims

The process is simple! You will send us the roof measurement report, carrier estimate and photos of the build and we will get started. Once we receive this from you, we will make a new estimate in Xactimate, put our report together with all supporting documents and photos and submit it to the insurance company. Supplements are usually submitted within 3-5 days of receipt from the contractor. Once submitted, it typically takes 1-2 weeks to settle with the insurance company. The insurance company will then email us a new estimate (or approve ours) and mail the check to your homeowner. Once the supplement has been settled, we will notify you via email. This email from us will contain the new supplemental estimate as well as the invoice from Stellar Supplementing for our fee. Our fee is due within 14 days of the issue date.

In order to get started, we need the following items:

  • Most recent estimate from the insurance company
  • Photo report send via PDF or Google Drive shared folder
  • Roof Report- e.i. EagleView, GAF QuickMeasure or something similar
  • Anything specific that you need added that you ran into during the build


Our fee is 15% off of the increased dollar amount. In the rare case that we do not receive a settlement then we not owed any amount. We only get paid when you get an increase on your claim.

The homeowner will receive all payments from the insurance company. You will be responsible for collecting the funds from the insured and paying us directly.

It is very important that you wait until AFTER the supplement is settled before sending in your COC/NOC. This is because if you send it beforehand, it is essentially telling the insurance company that you are in agreement with their prior estimate and are settling for that scope of work/ funds.

It is rare that no supplements at all are approved, but in the case that there is no increase in your claim, then there is no fee from Stellar Supplementing.


There are many photos that are needed for different types of claims/ situations. For roofing claims, photos such as damaged flashing, soft metals, drip edge, detaching and resetting gutters, starter strip, components such as vents and soft metals (chalked). We have an entire master list of photos that will we provide to you with your onboarding packet.

It typically takes 2-4 weeks and usually less to get a supplement settled with the  insurance company. Please know that our mission is to work as quickly as possible and that any delay in settlement is normally because of difficulties with the insurance companies. Things out of our control can sometimes delay the insurance company such as having a lot of storms which equates to a lot of claims on their end.

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