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We are master

We work fast (2-3 weeks avg. turn around time)

We provide weekly updates on your claims

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Our name isn't Stellar by chance.
It's because it is who we are.

Stellar Supplementing is an insurance claim supplementation company. We take your existing insurance claim filed for perils such as wind, hail, fire, water, vandalism, mold and asbestos, and maximize the claim to the fullest extent of the policy


Need more days in the week? How many man hours is your company spending making estimates and arguing with insurance companies? Imagine getting your precious time back to do things that will help your business grow and develop!


Every dollar counts right?! We protect your profits by increasing your claims on average by 20-30%+. Also imagine not having someone on payroll as a full-time supplementer. We only get paid when you get paid! What would those numbers do for your bottom line? How would that affect your salespeople's commissions?


"Success is dependent on effort and where that effort is directed". Put your efforts where they are most valuable to your business whether that is recruiting, training, selling or focusing on growth. Let us handle the headaches of dealing with the insurance companies!

We are master supplementers

Our name isn’t Stellar by chance. It’s because it is who we are. We operate with a ‘beyond the norm’ mentality in regards to service to our clients. Exceptional is the standard to which we hold ourselves at Stellar Supplementing, from the estimates we create to the customer service we provide. Let us show you how we are different and how we can help you ecselerate your company to the next level with increased profits!

Georgia Local Adjusters

We maximize your claim while operating with a rock solid moral compass.

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